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3 ways I plan year-round for summer spending

For me — and probably for a lot of Canadians — summer means long weekend trips and vacations, weddings, concerts, get-togethers and backyard barbecues. But that also means my spending for May through August is very high. I need a year-round financial game plan to avoid going into debt while doing all of the things […]


We’ve all seen firsthand the effects of Canada’s tumultuous economy. Our dollar sunk to about US$0.70, we’re dealing with a steep spike in fresh food prices at the grocery store and we’ve scrapped luxuries such as cross-border shopping and travel to the U.S. and Europe. The latest casualty I’ve noticed are my investments in my […]


As a former financial advisor, I’m aware of the basic rules of financial planning: Spend less than you earn. Don’t take on too much debt. Save a portion of every paycheque. Yet sometimes, we get into situations with limited options, and we have to take a financial risk in the hopes that it’ll pay off […]