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Credit Card News

Archive of the most recent stories from each of the categories of credit card news covered by the editorial team, from A (airline miles) to Z (zero percent cards).

Latest credit card news

Airline / Frequent Flyer Programs

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All credit card news

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Bad Credit / Credit Repair

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  • How to dig yourself out of a bad-credit hole -- To improve your score, you need to use credit. But with a low score, you may feel like you can't get a credit card. It feels like an enigma, but it's not impossible to recover from a bad-credit cycle ... (See Improve credit)
  • 5 bankruptcy misconceptions -- There are many misconceptions about bankruptcy, thanks to the taboo surrounding it and faulty information from the Internet or even word-of-mouth. If you think you're headed for bankruptcy, now is the time to get the facts ... (See Bankruptcy myths)
  • How to explain past mistakes when applying for new credit -- You need a line of credit, business loan or an increase on your credit card, but you have a sordid past. But if you plan ahead, correct your mistakes and understand your story, you can make the encounter a smooth experience ... (See Explain)

Balance Transfer / Debt Consolidation

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  • Choosing a debt repayment plan for your needs -- If you're holding on to a lot of debt, you may want to tackle it now, while interest rates are still low. You may be able to handle it on your own, or with a little help from a bank loan, or you may need expert assistance ... (See Repayment)
  • Don't put balance transfer bandage on serious debt wound -- Balance transfer offers are hard to resist if you've been chipping away at debt that never seems to get lower. But while the deals are a good debt management tool for some, for others, balance transfers can just lead to a bigger problem ... (See Balance transfer)
  • 5 ways to combat debt fatigue -- You start off disciplined, focused and eager to be debt-free, but as the months pass, you face setbacks and don't feel like you're making a dent in your debt. It's called debt fatigue, and it's real. Here's how you can combat it ... (See Debt fatigue)

Credit / Account Management

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Credit Card Fundamentals

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Credit Cards for Small Business

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Innovations, features, new products

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Low Interest / 0% APR Cards

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Merchant Accounts

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Prepaid / Secure / Debit Cards

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Research / Statistics

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  • How will we pay in 10 years? -- The days of cash as king are dwindling, thanks to the convenience and variety of other payment methods. Experts have weighed in on how we might be paying in 10 years -- will cash disappear? ... (See Payment predictions)
  • Young Canadians overshare their credit card info -- A survey found that 45 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds reported taking risks by loaning their cards to friends, or sharing personal account numbers through electronic communications. You can protect your plastic with a few simple tips ... (See TMI)
  • Consumer spending report shows mixed signals for 2013 -- A report on Canadian credit and debit card spending in Q4 2012 is sprinkled with some encouraging consumer trends. But the overall picture it paints of consumer confidence is mixed. ... (See Q4 spending)

Reward Programs / Cash Back Cards

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Student Credit Card Education

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